Visual design and Webflow CMS for a metaverse startup

Multiverse is a metaverse with a token system and novel multi-chain ledger that empowers decentralization, commerce, and recreation.




Product Designer


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Figma
  • Zeplin
  • Webflow
  • Google Slides

Project Objectives

The switch to Multiverse came with new ideas and a new brand identity. My team and I worked closely with a brand consulting firm, with ambitious goals to launch our new identity within a short timeframe.

As the Design Lead, I launched the new rebrand website, redesigned our WebApp, and worked closely with design, community, marketing, and engineering team members to ensure our new brand identity was reflected across all platforms.

What I did

  • Webflow website build including CMS.
  • WebApp UI redesign including building a component library, prototyping, and handoff.
  • Art direction for blog, social media, and community.

The Challenge

Upon receiving the final deliverables from our brand consulting firm, I quickly realized that the website design was given to us as an Adobe Illustrator file—which meant that the designs were not optimized to be built as a website due to its inconsistent spacing and font sizes.

I proceeded to create a spec document for myself by reorganizing and labeling every detail into repeatable components using Sketch. By doing so, I was able to quickly build the website on Webflow to be ready for launch.

Next, I used Webflow's Content Management System to reorganize our existing blog articles while working closely with Marketing and Community team members to create future articles. I taught our content creators by giving a demo on publishing articles using Webflow's Content Editor so they can push new articles independently.

Art Direction

Working closely with marketing and community team leads, I worked with another designer to create all the graphics for our blog. These images would also be used for our social media posts to be launched simultaneously.

WebApp Redesign

With the new rebrand, we needed to apply our visual design language onto our Multiverse Portal. However, due to the limited development resources and time, we could only do a cosmetic update without any restructuring or UX improvements.

I approached this project by utilizing our brand colors, typography, and font-sizes we used for our website rebrand. I proceeded to organize our components and create a spec document for our front-end engineers.


As part of the redesign, I was responsible for bringing our brand into a more streamlined and cohesive reality. Working with new team members, we created a workflow on Asana to launch all of our initiatives. By creating a process within the company, we were able to run our own departments independently and collaboratively.

One of the biggest surprise I've encountered while working remote was how we were able to build rapport despite living 8,500 miles apart. I even ended up traveling to Singapore just to meet with my colleagues.

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