Team Illustrations for Multiverse

Illustrations to build trust with social communities, and fun for the team.




Product Designer


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Webflow

Project Objectives

Some aspects of the blockchain space are plagued with a lack of transparency, which has created fear, uncertainty, and doubt in many investors. By working with our community team, we believe that promoting transparency and validating our credibility is key to building trust in our platform. However, due to budget constraints and privacy concerns, some team members did not want to post their photos online.

As a solution, I proposed creating illustrations of the entire team and placing them on our website. Additionally, in order to maintain the privacy of a couple members, a twist was added into the illustrations.

What I did

  • Illustrated every team member in the company for our website.
  • Build on Webflow CMS to easily add and edit team members.


After putting the illustrations on our team page, we were able to communicate and identify ourselves to the community. Many of our team members used these illustrations as their profile photo on Google Chat.

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