Branding and web front-end for a biotech startup

ArriveBio is a biotechnology startup founded by veteran entrepreneurs and director-level engineers from Google, with a mission to develop therapeutics that will help address age-related diseases.




Product Designer


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • SketchApp
  • Webflow
  • Google Slides

Project Objectives

Upon completion with our contract with Roche, we expanded our offices to Singapore, where we aimed to attract top talents and partners. With the upcoming expansion, we were in need of improving our company's image.

I took ownership of our new brand initiatives that includes building the ArriveBio brand, designing and building our website, and establishing a visual identity for the company to have a consistent front.

What I did

  • ArriveBio's brand identity design including brand discovery facilitation, design exploration, and execution.
  • Visual identity design for business development, pitches, and HR recruiting.
  • Webflow website design and build.

Brand Discovery

To start the project, I interviewed key stakeholders to identify our brand attributes and the tone of our brand. The `Core Framework` from the theFutur served as a guide for goal-oriented meetings and discussions, which allowed me to get consensus on our brand direction at its current state.

Afterwards, I would share my findings with the team during our weekly share-and-tell sessions in order to validate my discoveries and get additional feedback.

Use Case

Upon opening up an office in Singapore, I supported our Business Development and our Human Resources team by creating collaterals to help with onboarding new team members.

Website Design Webflow Development

With the brand identity finalized and approved by key stakeholders, I worked with the Head of Biology and Chief of Strategy to build out a website so we can begin our partnership outreach. Using the Core Framework, I hosted weekly meetings to identify key talking points and help craft a story that was best interpreted on a website. By quickly building out a prototype on Webflow, I was able to iterate quickly, adapt to each team member's needs, and deploy the website.

Impact & Afterwards

After we printed our business cards and launched our website, our business development team confidently went to meet new partners. Meanwhile, our Singapore office officially opened up and we began the hiring process. As a result, we tripled our team members and established new partnerships including FDA, EDB Singapore, and Singapore General Hospital.

I learned about branding in a way that no other project has taught me by witnessing a company grow from scratch. We grow more confident as a team; and we have a strong foundation to build upon our vision.

I also learned how to involve my team during my design process to get clarity and consensus. This is especially useful for all my future endeavors and my first real step into becoming a design leader. I am more excited than ever to take on even more challenging projects in the future.

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