Visual Identity for Alliance Labs

AllianceLabs provides a platform for medical specialists to contribute their expertise for our proprietary machine learning algorithm for ground truth data.




Product Designer


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • C4D
  • Google Slides

Project Objectives

Upon getting a contract with Roche, we needed a new brand identity to recruit medical specialists and provide them with the tools they need to do their best work.

I contributed as the sole designer in the company, working under tight deadlines, to build a new visual identity to be used for our website, recruit pathologists, and educate them on using our annotation platform.

What I did

  • AllianceLabs brand identity design including design exploration, and execution.
  • Visual identity design for our website and platform to onboard histopathologists.
  • Annotation scoring guideline for pathologists.

Brand Discovery

Before I began the logo design process, I spoke with co-founders and pathologists to discover what our brand represented. Next, I compiled my notes and validated my discovery during our share-and-tell to establish our core concepts within the team. Precision, expertise, and health—these were the ones that personified the brand.

Inspired by Sagi Haviv and Chris Do, I have three goals in mind when designing a logo.

A good logo is...

  1. Appropriate

  2. Distinctive

  3. Simple

After compiling my favorite designs and I decided to present three of my favorite options to the team during our share-and-tell session. The team unanimously chose option 2.

Option 3
Option 2
Option 1

Next, I refined the logo by using the golden ratio to achieve visual balance and explored color variations.


We launched our website and platform on time, recruited over 150 pathologists, and completed our project with Roche. The team was excited about the 3D design direction and looked forward to seeing more. However, due to prioritization of improving our platform experience, I could only explore 3D designs during my free time. I did, however, experiment with disease tissue slides in attempt to communicate cancer cell slides to be more approachable.

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